Frequently asked questions

Where does it take place?

We have great flexibility and can set up almost anywhere that has enough space to allow a few 50cm x 50cm boxes and your team. An enclosed room where you are not disturbed works best however you can choose to have it in a field.

Just be aware if it is set up in an open plan office the rest of the people in the office will hear some noise. Mostly low level sounds coming out of the boxes and occasional some high-level sounds coming from the players when they crack a clue!

How many people can play?

The game works best with between 6 and 20 players. You can have a one-off game or we can set up for different teams to enjoy the challenges throughout the day.

How long does it take?

Each game last 60 minutes. Your teams will need to arrive 15 minutes beforehand for a short briefing. You will also want at least 15 minutes after the game to discuss what you discovered and generally calm down.

What if we are really struggling to crack a code?

A game facilitator will be on hand to help the teams throughout the day. They won’t show you how to complete the conundrums but they will make sure everybody has an immersive experience. We have some very subtle methods of keeping you on track.