Outfox the Box | Team Building Mobile Escape Games

Unusual boxes arrive at your location of choice (office, meeting room, conference)

As the timer starts counting down the story is revealed and your team discovers they have a mystery to solve before the clock hits zero.

Experience an exciting teambuilding event without the logistics of transporting your team to another location saving you valuable time and expense.

Can your team Outfox the Box?

“I didn’t think I was going to enjoy myself, I don’t like puzzles. This was completely different. I got caught up in the adventure”

Luci Isaacson Director Climate Vision.

Some of our previous clients

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Team Building

Building a new team or revitalising an old one. A fun and engaging experience that saves you the logistics of transporting your team to a venue. Enjoy an escape game in your office.

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Meeting Energiser

Spark off your meeting or re-energize after the lunchtime lull with one of our fun and engaging escape games created in your meeting room.                     

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Candidate Assesment

Utilising the game as part of your interview process to gain unique Insights into your candidate’s behaviours you will not get from any other method.  

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Our expertise comes from years of working with teams, small and large, across a plethora of industries. Many times we have experienced innovation through collaboration. Every one of us holds a piece of the puzzle and only together can we see the whole picture.
OutFox the Box Ltd is a UK mobile escape company that provides activities for corporate or private hire. We can supply an escape room experience to a location of your choice. We are passionate about delivering an immersive experience that promotes collaboration and encourages teamwork.