Puzzle of the week

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The circled is the only left hand.

Why are these objects in order?

They are in order of the number they rhyme with.

  • One – Sun
  • Two – Shoe
  • Three –  Key
  • Four –  Door

What goes up and down a hill but never moves?

A road

How many of the statements in this box are true?

One of these statements is true. 

It can not be ‘none of these statements’ because then that would be true making it one of the statements.

It can not be ‘all of these statements’ as ‘none of these statements’ would then not be true.

It cant be ‘two of these statements’ because we don’t have another statement along with ‘two of these statements’ that would then be true.

That leaves us with one statement, ‘ one of these statements is true’ which it is.

What loses its head in the morning and gets it back at night?

A pillow

How much is half of 2 + 2?

Half of 2 + 2 = 3

Half of 2 is 1.

1+2 = 3

Draw three lines that connect all the dots without lifting your pen off the paper?